The Author's Bio

arbara Milhoan would describe herself as an average woman who was raised with the values and principles that dominated 1950s America.

At the age of sixty, she was awakened by an inner knowing that she was meant to do something different with her life. Undeterred by what some called a mid-life crisis, she was drawn to and immersed herself in the study of the unconscious mind.

It was not until Barbara was diagnosed with melanoma did she understand that all of the teachers, scientists, and doctors that had been presented to her during the last few years through their books, interviews, and speaking had been preparing her for that moment. As the first member of her family to be diagnosed with any type of cancer, she could now clearly see how her unconscious beliefs and fears contributed to her disease. Aware that the doctors expected the melanoma to return and rocked by the recent death of a friend from the same disease, she was determined to change the course of her health.

Representative of the ordinary person, she demonstrates that a doctorate’s degree, psychic abilities, or a traumatic history are not required to experience extraordinary changes in your physical and spiritual world and tears down the myth that change is restricted by age.

Barbara is passionate about sharing what she has learned and Unconscious Decisions is a guide to help the reader discover his or her own individual path to healing.

The negative beliefs and fears lurking in the unconscious mind will always make themselves known—in one form or another.
  • Diana
    I believe life experiences need to be shared with your family and friends. You will find that you are not alone. This book will open up your unconscious mind to a healthier life.
  • Jill
    She provided tools and exercises you can use long after finishing the book to continue on the path of wellness and joy. I have since recommended to family and friends.  Through personal experience and research Barbara Milhoan taps into the power we all can harness to be well no matter our pasts. She provided tools and exercises you can use long after finishing the book to continue on the path of wellness and joy. I have since recommended to family and friends.
  • Aaron
    Unconscious Decisions written by Barbara Milhoan is a brilliant example of how much our minds and thoughts dictate the rest of our lives. I really enjoy this author because she makes it very easy to relate to, even when talking about difficult topics. The book is very clear and even has a plan of action for when you are finished reading. It would be a great place to start studying the "unconscious decisions" that we make, because of the many references and suggested readings. This book is great for anyone looking to unlock the power of their mind and rid them of negative thoughts and experiences.
  • Craig
    Barbara managed to capture the essence of a myriad of detailed research efforts, consolidate them into an easy to understand narrative, and present them into a self published book, thus satisfying her own dreams while providing the rest of us with a self help book that really works. What makes Barbara's Unconscious Decisions different from the hundreds of other self help books, is that the material is presented in an easy to understand manner while providing additional supportive references for readers who wish to dig deeper into a particular area of research. While Unconscious Decisions provides its readers a pathway to reach their goals, it tells Barbara's story, which in itself is interesting, but not unlike the life stories of many typical, hard working individuals striving to find their purpose in life. Read and enjoy.
  • I received this book from a dear friend. I highly recommend this book reguardless of where you are on your Spiritual Journey.
  • Sondra
    I truly enjoyed every word in this book. It was hard to put down. I am looking forward to reading the books that Barbara recommended. She is a fascinating person that has a lot of very interesting paths to follow.
  • Sandy
    I love this book; it consolidates a lot of wisdom into one spot that I find extremely helpful with everyday situations. I will most definitely recommend this to my friends.
  • Healthy Living
    Very well thought out and written. If you believe in mind over matter, this book is a good resource for you. I loved it! Will buy a copy for my 30 year old daughter for Christmas. Enjoy!
    Healthy Living
  • Bialka

    I've been going through stressful situations. This book helped me to remember that I can help others, but I need to refocus on some key points, wants, desires in my own life and make some changes to bring back joy.

  • Marc
    I picked this book up and couldn’t put it down. I read it in a day! It’s not only interesting and captivating but so educational and helpful. I will keep this book and continue to use it as a tool in the future for my personal growth and others. I loved how the author educated the reader on so many different things and also would use her personal experiences and other people’s personal experiences to exemplify the points. I also liked the info about Dr. Weiss and would love to go through that experience myself sometime! As I go through life’s ups and downs, I will keep this book handy as it will come in very useful in the future. I loved the quote at the very end of the book : kind of gives you chills.