June 15, 2018

Can We Now Spend Some Time to Discuss How Using the 6 Powers Can Change Our Life?

Wow! A lot of people sent me messages and texts about my last blog—Are You Misusing the 6 (not so secret) Powers That Can Change Your Life? The consistent theme was the question: “How do I use these powers?”
June 6, 2018

Are You Misusing the 6 (Not So Secret) Powers You Possess That Can Change Your Life?

We've been given mental abilities, if used correctly, that can change our health and happiness; but most of us don't even know what they are, and even fewer use them properly.
April 20, 2018

Beauty is NOT Just Skin Deep!

What’s the difference between an unattractive person who conquers the world and marries their prince or princess; and, the physically attractive man or woman who cannot even meet a single mister or miss right?
April 10, 2018

How Giving From The Heart Can Get You More Money

I received an unexpected $605 in the mail! I love it when a plan comes together! What plan, you ask?
March 11, 2018

When is Judgment a Reflection of the Heart and Mind?

Are you stupid or just ignorant?! I don’t deal well with either. But . . . I am trying to follow a more spiritual path that has taught me not to judge others, so I take a deep breath and remind myself that we are all connected and a part of God. I reason that the other person isn’t stupid, but ignorant . . . and ignorant can be fixed, right?
February 15, 2018

I’m Distressed!

There’s a knot in my stomach and tears in my eyes. I’m distressed. How would you feel if you knew you had something to share that could alleviate stress and pain for many, but no one would listen?
February 4, 2018

The Secret Ingredient to the Law of Attraction That Most People Miss

What are the lofty aspirations you have set for 2018? Perhaps the question should be, what is the true message you are transmitting?
January 7, 2018

Research On How Your Mind Can Work Your Body Toward Good Health

For years I’ve heard the various exercise gurus state that if you concentrate on the muscle you’re working, you’ll work the muscle harder. Of course, the word “hogwash” came to mind the first time I heard that assertion, but over time I noticed that it was true.
July 6, 2016

Unconscious Decisions

What if someone told you that 95% of the decisions that govern your life journey were made unconsciously? What if you learned that you unconsciously choseto develop cancer or some other illness?