Public Speaking

Barbara Milhoan's message is uplifting, life-affirming, and optimistic.

Barbara Milhoan begins with an incredible concept that grabs the attention of her audience & the she miraculously pushes the boundaries of your beliefs.

  • She inspires change & action within your mindset that translates into big change in your life.
  • She leaves ever person in her audience uplifted & energized.
  • She instills the power to propel your future forward

Barbara Milhoan’s goal is to create a spark that that energizes every person in her audience and help them identify the rocks in their path to positivity.

Book Barbara for your next event & listen as the magic unfolds.

Universal Spiritual Constants

Just as there are mathematical and scientific constants, the same principles apply to the laws of the universe.  We can work with these absolutes or ignore them, but we cannot change them.

Most everyone has heard of the “Law of Attraction” made famous by the movie The Secret, but did you know that the basis of that law is really the “Law of Vibration?”  Barbara tells you why the “Law of Vibration” means everything to you and how all the laws work together to guide your life.  Learn to work with these laws and your life will improve.

Thinking Into Results

Why do we behave the way we do?  Why do some people easily find success while others struggle?

The answers can be found in the unconscious mind. This is where our memories are stored.  Most of our fears, beliefs, habits, motives, prejudice, and even our self image came from the people and culture in our environment when we were very young.  To use a computer analogy, these “programs” were downloaded by your unconscious before your conscious mind was developed – in other words, you had no say in the matter.

In 2013 Barbara became a certified facilitator for Bob Proctor’s and Sandra Gallagher’s “Thinking Into Results” program.  Her 2014 melanoma diagnosis steered her career in another direction but the information she learned in that course helped her find the hidden unconscious belief that was at the root of her cancer.  She writes and speaks about unconscious beliefs and how they can be changed.

Drop the Remote or You Might Catch Something!

You may think you’re not listening to the commercials on television, but your unconscious mind is definitely paying attention!

Modern medicine can save a person’s life or ease the extreme pain caused by an injured limb.  Pharmaceutical companies spend millions of dollars and hire clever marketing people to convince you that they have the answer to your problem – or that you have a problem that you didn’t even know existed.  Repetition is a key to inserting a belief in your unconscious mind and smart ad agencies know how to play this game.  Perhaps it’s time to mute the commercials.

Barbara writes and speaks about the programming of the unconscious mind, the placebo effect and alternatives to consider.

Solutions on Tap

What if there is an easy technique you could use to alleviate fears, phobias and change limiting beliefs?

Early in her studies Barbara was introduced to the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), commonly known as Tapping.  She used this tool to overcome her fear of flying and later found it to be 100% effective in eliminating excruciating sciatica pain.  Barbara is a believer, and friends report she will talk to anyone and everyone about Tapping.

Through her writing and speaking Barbara demonstrates this fun and empowering technique that can be easily self-taught and useful in everyday life.